2024 NFL Draft Order Takes Shape as Teams Secure Top Picks

The NFL Draft order for 2024 is now established, with the Chicago Bears securing the coveted No. 1 overall pick through a trade with the Carolina Panthers. The Bears' decision on whether to retain quarterback Justin Fields will heavily influence their selection, with prospects like USC star Caleb Williams and North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye in consideration.

The Washington Commanders, following a disappointing season and ownership changes, clinched the No. 2 overall pick after an eight-game losing streak. The New England Patriots, finishing with the same record, will hold the No. 3 pick, marking a challenging period for coach Bill Belichick since Tom Brady's departure.

The Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Chargers round out the top five picks, with uncertainties surrounding the direction these teams will take in the draft. The Patriots, set to meet with Belichick, face a decision on their highest pick since 2008.

The draft order for the first 18 picks is as follows:

1. Chicago Bears (via Carolina Panthers)

2. Washington Commanders

3. New England Patriots

4. Arizona Cardinals

5. Los Angeles Chargers

6. New York Giants

7. Tennessee Titans

8. Atlanta Falcons

9. Chicago Bears

10. New York Jets

11. Minnesota Vikings

12. Denver Broncos

13. Las Vegas Raiders

14. New Orleans Saints

15. Indianapolis Colts

16. Seattle Seahawks

17. Jacksonville Jaguars

18. Cincinnati Bengals

The remaining draft order will be determined by postseason outcomes. The draft is scheduled for April 25 in Detroit, promising significant roster changes for the participating teams.

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