Fog-Induced Pileup Claims Lives on California Freeway

In a tragic incident on Saturday, thick fog on Interstate 5 in California resulted in a 35-vehicle pileup in Kern County. The southbound side of the freeway was affected, leading to closures and traffic diversions on both sides. Caltrans reported the catastrophe but provided minimal details, and attempts to obtain comments from the California Highway Patrol and Kern County Fire Department were unsuccessful.

Emergency responders faced challenges due to the dense fog, a weather phenomenon known as Tule fog in the San Joaquin Valley, caused by soil saturation after rain. The collision, involving 17 vehicles and 18 big rigs, claimed two lives, and nine individuals were hospitalized with undisclosed conditions.

The incident underscores the hazards of adverse weather conditions in regions susceptible to phenomena like Tule fog, emphasizing the need for caution and preparedness on the road.


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