Biden Signs $1.2 Trillion Funding Bill, Completing Federal Agency Funding

President Joe Biden has signed a $1.2 trillion legislation into law, completing the funding for federal agencies through the fiscal year ending on September 30. This bill, which was passed by the House on Friday and by the Senate on Saturday morning, addresses critical government operations including the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, State, and the legislative branch.

The signing of this legislation is a significant moment on Capitol Hill, marking the end of an annual appropriations process that has been unusually protracted. This process was characterized by partisan policy disagreements and a notable change of leadership in the House, where former Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted by conservatives in an unprecedented vote last year.

This legislation represents the second part of a two-tiered government funding process. An earlier six-bill funding package, signed into law earlier this month, included funding for the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Veterans Affairs, Energy, Interior, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, as well as the Food and Drug Administration, military construction, and other federal programs.

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