Moscow Concert Hall Attack: 133 Dead in Terrorist Assault

The burned Crocus City Hall concert hall is pictured on Saturday | Getty Images 

The death toll from a gun attack on a concert hall near Moscow has reached 133, making it the deadliest terrorist attack in Russia's capital in decades. The assault occurred on Friday night, with eyewitnesses describing attackers armed with guns and incendiary devices storming the venue.

Survivors recounted harrowing experiences, with some playing dead to escape. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested Ukraine's involvement in the attack, claiming a "window" was prepared for the attackers to escape to Ukraine. He declared Sunday a national day of mourning and praised emergency service workers for their efforts.

Video: Several armed men have forcibly entered the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Moscow

The Russian Investigative Committee reported that four suspects had been taken into custody while trying to cross the border with Ukraine. ISIS initially claimed responsibility, but no evidence was provided. Russian agencies stated that the attackers had contacts on the Ukrainian side, without specifying further.

Footage showed the venue, Crocus City Hall, on fire with smoke billowing. The complex's roof partially collapsed, and rescuers continued to work at the scene. Several European leaders and Chinese President Xi Jinping offered condolences, while the U.S. embassy had previously warned of potential attacks in Moscow.

Putin had criticized U.S. warnings about potential attacks in Moscow earlier this month, calling them "provocative." However, the U.S. official stated that Washington had no reason to doubt ISIS' claim of responsibility for the recent attack.

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