Qatari Official Urges Israel and Hamas to Commit to Cease-fire Negotiations

A senior Qatari official has called on Israel and Hamas to show more commitment in cease-fire negotiations to end the seven-month-long war in Gaza. Qatar, a key intermediary, has expressed frustration and is reassessing its mediator role. An Israeli delegation is expected in Egypt for talks, while Hamas plans to send a delegation to Cairo. Qatar criticized both sides for prioritizing political interests over civilian welfare. Egypt has discussed a new vision for a cease-fire, but Israel is unwilling to commit until Hamas is defeated. International pressure is mounting for a deal to prevent an Israeli attack on Rafah. The situation remains tense, with Israel massing troops near the border. Humanitarian groups warn of worsening conditions in Gaza if an invasion occurs. The war began with Hamas' attack on southern Israel, leading to a cycle of violence that has claimed thousands of lives and left many hostages.

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