IDF Operations in Rafah: International Concerns and Humanitarian Crisis

IDF Operations in Rafah: International Concerns and Humanitarian Crisis

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have confirmed their presence in central Rafah, Gaza, amid ongoing international concern over their military operations in the city. Eyewitnesses had previously reported tanks in the area, which the IDF later confirmed. The IDF stated that their troops discovered and dismantled Hamas rocket launchers, terror tunnel shafts, and a weapons storage facility.

Earlier, the IDF declared "operational control" over the Philadelphi Corridor, a buffer zone along the Egypt-Gaza border. The military incursion has disrupted cell phone services, as reported by Palestinian telecommunications company Jawwal.

This offensive marks a new phase in Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza, resulting in over 36,000 Palestinian deaths, significant displacement, and a humanitarian crisis. An airstrike on a displacement camp over the weekend, intended to target Hamas leaders, killed dozens and caused international outrage. Footage showed the camp in flames and rescuers pulling burned bodies, including children, from the wreckage.

US Vice President Kamala Harris described the incident as "tragic," but neither she nor President Joe Biden indicated it would affect US support for Israel.

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