Israel Proposes Three-Part Plan for Gaza Ceasefire and Hostage Release

Biden announces Israel has offered a three-part proposal to end the war in Gaza

President Joe Biden announced that Israel has proposed a three-part plan aimed at achieving a permanent cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and securing the release of hostages held there for eight months. This plan follows extensive diplomacy by Biden’s team and has been communicated to Hamas through Qatar, a key mediator in the negotiations.

The plan’s first phase involves a six-week complete cease-fire, which includes the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of Gaza and the release of women and children hostages. During this period, there will be a significant increase in humanitarian aid, with 600 trucks delivering assistance to Gaza daily. Biden acknowledged potential challenges in negotiating a permanent ceasefire during this phase.

"I’ll be honest with you, there are a number of things to be negotiated to move from phase one to phase two," Biden said.

The second phase, contingent on reaching all necessary agreements, would involve the release of all living hostages in exchange for Palestinians imprisoned in Israel. 

The final phase focuses on initiating a major reconstruction plan for Gaza and ensuring the return of any remaining hostage remains to their families. Biden emphasized his commitment to the plan and urged Israeli leadership to support it despite political pressures.

“I’ve urged the leadership in Israel to stand by this deal, regardless of whatever [political] pressure comes," Biden said.

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